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PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 Finals: List of all PMIS 2020 individual award winners

The series, by Tencent Games and PUBG Corp, is offering a prize pool of Rs 50 lakh. While winners will get Rs 20 lakh as prize money, first runners up will receive Rs 5 lakh and second runners up will win Rs 3 lakh in prize money.

On the first day: PMIS 2020 Grand Finals, all top 16 teams played a total of six games with Tsm-Entity topping the leaderboard with two chicken dinners and 103 points. Fnatic is currently in second position with 76 points followed in third by Team Mayhem with 75 points.

On Second day :Winning a total of three chicken dinner, TSM Entity ended the tournament with a total of 177 points. Fnatic’s Owais won Rs 50,000 for earning the most MVP titles during the tournament while TSM Entity’s ZGod, Neyoo and Jonathan also won Rs 50,000 each for having the maximum number of damage maximum distance traveled on foot and most headshots during the tournament.

Rank 1st to 16th rewards at PMIS 2020: Rs 45,00,000 total

Here’s the final tally after the end of day 2 and a total of 12 matches:

#1: TSM Entity topped the PMIS 2020 points tally with 177 points, including three chicken dinners and 77 kills in 12 games. Along with that, they bagged Rs 20,00,000 as prize money.

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#2: Fnatic secured second spot with 150 points, including two chicken dinners and 64 kills. Along with that, they won Rs 5,00,000.

#3: Team Mayhem secured third spot with 144 points, including two chicken dinners and 54 kills. Along with that, they were given Rs 3,00,000.

#4: U Mumba Esports secured fourth spot with 115 points, including 50 kills, and pocketed Rs 2,50,000.

#5: VST-VXT Esports secured fifth position with 115 points, including a single chicken dinner and 48 kills, taking home Rs 2,25,000.

#6: Team IND secured sixth position with 109 points, including two chicken dinners and 40 kills. They added Rs 2,00,000 to their kitty.

#7: Team Tamilas secured seventh position with 107 points, including 71 placement points and 36 kills, and were given Rs 1,75,000.

#8: Synergy secured eighth position with 106 points, and were handed Rs 1,50,000.

#9: MegaStars secured ninth position in the PMIS 2020 points table with 98 points, including one chicken dinner and 31 kills. As a result, they won Rs 1,25,000.

#10: DarkTangent Esports secured tenth spot with 93 points, and took home Rs 1,15,000 for their troubles.

#11: Orange Rock secured 11th position in the PMIS 2020 points table with 91 points, also winning Rs 1,05,000.

#12: Celtz secured 12th position with 88 points, leaving with Rs 95,000.

#13: ELEMENT Esports secured 13th position with 84 points, including a single chicken dinner and 34 kills, thus winning Rs 80,000.

#14: Inside Out secured 14th position with 70 points, and won Rs 70,000 for their troubles.

#15: LiveCraft Esports secured 15th position with 63 points, and had to be content with Rs 60,000.

#16: PGSx secured 16th position with 60 points, and took home Rs 50,000.

#16: PGSx secured 16th position with 60 points, and took home Rs 50,000.

THE CHOSEN ONE (Player with Maximum no. of MVPS)₹ 50,000
THE ANNIHILATOR (Player with Maximum no. of damage)₹ 50,000
THE WANDERER (Player with Maximum foot travel distance)₹ 50,000
HEADSHOT EXPERT (Player with Maximum no. of headshots)₹ 50,000
THE EXTERMINATOR (Squad with maximum no. of kills)₹ 1,00,000
THE GRENADIERS (Squad with maximum no. of Grenade kills)₹ 1,00,000
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS (Most popular squad among the community)₹ 1,00,000
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